Xbox LIVE Arcade Boot Sale Today

Get ?em while their cheap?

Posted by Staff
Xbox LIVE Arcade Boot Sale Today
Microsoft has let next week?s Xbox Live Arcade news update out early, presumably because it?s Labo(u)r Day or some other made-up holiday over in the US next week. Cyberball 2072 and Fatal Fury Special will be arriving next Wednesday (5th September).

The company also informs us that we will get four Xbox LIVE Arcade favourites for half their regular price this weekend, with Small Arms priced at 400 Microsoft Points (normally 800 Microsoft Points) Zuma Deluxe for 400 Microsoft Points (normally 800 Microsoft Points) Gauntlet for 200 Microsoft Points (normally 400 Microsoft Points) and Dig Dug for 200 Points also.

So, what about these new games? Cyberball 2072 (priced at 400 points) is the update to the 1989 original Atari game known as Tournament Cyberball, while Fatal Fury Special (also 400 points) you can join Terry and Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi and 12 of the toughest titans in one of the biggest matches of the millennium in Southtown, a fictitious American city, as you compete against the ruler of the underworld Wolfgang Krauzer.


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