Xbox Live Using Your Third-Party Online Account Info

New Xbox Live terms of use updated compares and contrasts... for your safety.

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Xbox Live Using Your Third-Party Online Account Info
Microsoft is taking it upon itself to compare your details online using Xbox Live with your other details as entered into third-parties, such as Netflix, accounts... for your safety.

Yes, like a massively over-caring parent who wants to check out not just your friends but your friend's parents' friends too, the new ToUs for Xbox Live want to help you feel so secure that you never leave them. Rather than concentrating on their own systems, Microsoft is going to compare your other credentials in fact. Here's the wording to watch:

"Protecting your account from unauthorized access and fraud is a top priority for us. It helps keep Xbox Live safer and more secure for everyone. Thatís why the TOU now asks all users to commit to keeping their contact information up to date. By the way, now is a great time to make sure your security proofs are valid and accessible to you.

"More app experiences available via Xbox Live are provided by a partner with whom you may have a separate online account. If you choose to link this account with your Xbox Live account, we confirm key data points across the accounts by sharing data such as your name, address, email address and date of birth with the partner. In this TOU update, customers agree to allow Microsoft to share this information in this manner."

Our bolding.

Hell, why shouldn't Microsoft know what you've told other service providers? It's for your own good after all.

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