Xbox could face delay due to trademark row

It's handbags at ten paces as Florida based games company puts the squeeze on Bill

Posted by Staff
How much is this name worth?
How much is this name worth?
A legal row between Microsoft Corporation and Florida based software developer Xbox technologies could force Microsoft to delay the launch of its hotly anticipated games console. The row stems from the fact that Xbox technologies registered the name Xbox as a tradename way back last March, several months before the Xbox console was announced by the Seattle based software giant.

Xbox is quite a good name for a games console, but not the best we have ever heard. Definitely not worth disappointing the console consumer base with an otherwise unnecessary delay. Microsoft’s CEO for Xbox technologies was predictably bullish about the situation. "We can't afford to have our business confused with games for kids. Either we find a business solution or we get into a legal battle. We're certainly confident about what the outcome will be - we will prevail." We will prevail? All a bit over the top I’m sure you will agree. You will just have to wait until the dispute is settled to find out the fate of the Xbox. Our money is on the world famous giant Microsoft chequebook making a re-appearance.


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