Electronic Arts go Live! at Last?

EA/Microsoft stand-off looks like it's coming to a close.

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Burnout 3
Burnout 3
It looks like the differences between Electronic Arts and Microsoft regarding the former's lack of Xbox Live!-enabled games may be coming to a conclusion. IGN reports that the two companies have reached an agreement over revenue sharing - the biggest obstacle for EA - with Microsoft lowering licence fees in return for Live support.

A total of seven EA games are rumoured to be scheduled for Xbox Live! - Madden NFL 2005, NCAA College Football, NASCAR Thunder, and NBA Live in the EA Sports brand - and Battlefield: Modern Combat, GoldenEye 2 and Burnout 3. Criterion's Burnout 3 was almost certainly going to feature online play, even before it was picked up for publication by EA, and is the title we're most convinced about here at SPOnG Towers. Otherwise, it's all speculation at the mo' as to which games - if any - make the transition.

An Electronic Arts spokesperson told IGN, "EA and Microsoft do not have an agreement for including online capability in EA titles for Xbox. We have a solid partnership with Microsoft and many titles in development for the Xbox. Discussions are ongoing..."

So, nothing much given away there, but there is talk of some sort of revelation to come on April 29, when EA makes its fiscal announcement. Whatever happens, we'll let you know what Electronic Arts and Microsoft agree (or disagree) on at the end of the month. Failing that, something's coming at E3 - we can just feel it.


Rod Todd 26 Apr 2004 20:21
Whoopee! Games I don't want to play on a console I don't want to own...

Except 3urnout of course.
Brown Force 27 Apr 2004 09:59
^^Then why read the news dumbass? And then leave a pointless comment?

Anyway, I think this is great news, I really hope Burnout 3 is on Xbox Live. As I refuse to buy anything PS2 online enabled anymore. Goldeneye 2 and Battlefield might be interesting as well. Other than that, its all american crap I don't care about. Still hope they sort it out soon.
Stryfe01 27 Apr 2004 13:03
really that's mature. knock him for making a wiseass comment, then make another.

it's good news, confirmed in the latest OXM mad at the bottom of a page that reaffirms the restart of development of Battlefield 1942 for Xbox. The game was officially canceled last year by EA. I'm not an EA fan, but it is good news for both sides and especially for gamers.
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