On Film: CoD Ghosts PS4 vs. Xbox One

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On Film: CoD Ghosts PS4 vs. Xbox One
Right, it's graphics time. CoD: Ghosts is out on both PS4 (1080p) and Xbox One (720p) but can this possibly make any difference to your game play experience if you're not some sort of super-being?

Digital Foundry went to have a look and compared "An over-sharpened 720p" versus "native full HD" to test the game. Watch the film below to see if you can have your mind made up about which console you want.



config 28 Nov 2013 09:57
PS4 definitely sharper with it's 1080p - most clear when picking out distant objects, so could be crucial for those that like a bit of a snipe.

Otherwise, there's not much in it, is there?

Of course, this doesn't demonstrate the reported janky framerates on PS4...
sledgecallier 28 Nov 2013 11:26
Of course, this is a bit pointless when Youtube forces you to watch one of the two in non-native resolution. Play the vid in 720p and the PS4 side is down-scaled, play in 1080 and the Xbox side is up-scaled and so looks less than ideal... That said, they both look very pretty and are undoubtedly a step change from the old PS3 and Xbox 360 graphics.
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