Japan Hardware: PSP Sales Quadruple over Monster Hunter

Impressive run for a handheld so late in its life cycle.

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Japan Hardware: PSP Sales Quadruple over Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter Portable 3rdís amazing sales performance has translated into a massive surge in PSP purchases, as Sony sells over four times as many units of its handheld than it did last week. It handily tops todayís Japanese Hardware Chart (via 4gamer, 29th November - 5th December 2010) as a result.

Console Chart:
Wii: 56,095 (41,267)
PS3: 41,760 (68,840)
Xbox 360: 3,497 (4,329)
PS2: 1,440 (1,332)

Handheld Chart:
PSP: 323,653 (75,689)
DSi LL: 40,465 (28,370)
DSi: 36,481 (26,548)
PSP Go: 1,875 (1,675)
DS Lite: 1,580 (1,539)

(Previous weekís unit sales in brackets for comparison)

Itís an incredible figure for a device thatís been going for so long, and further testament to the difference in popularity of the PSP between Japan and the Western gaming world. The Wii and DS platforms enjoy a lift in sales this week too, but obviously nowhere near as much. All helped by the fact that Nintendo software pretty much dominates the software chart.

After Gran Turismo 5ís impressive run last week resulted in a significant boost for the PS3, itís business as usual again for Sonyís home console despite a powerful debut of Tales of Graces F from Namco Bandai. Guess everyone who wanted it already had a PS3. With the performance of the PSP more than effortlessly counterbalancing the PS3 drop, weíd be surprised if Sony was too worried at this point.


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