Xbox Live Exec: Not a Million Banned

Also the most outrageous Corporate BS ever

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"Piss off, I'm playing with my DS!"
"Piss off, I'm playing with my DS!"
Marc Whitten, the general manager of Xbox Live in the USA has confirmed what we've been pointing out for weeks (and here). A million people were not banned from Xbox Live. The figure has no basis in fact.

Here's the fact from the horse's mouth, as Whitton spoke to VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi:

"We didnít release the number. I cannot explain to you why people would think it was a million people. It wasnít a million people. Check the veracity of that claim. It was one news source."

A good solid comment in reality from an executive. Business sanity returns, however, as Whitten gives Takahashi the usual spiel regarding how great Facebook is for Xbox Live, how great Modern Warfare 2 is for Xbox, how great having two million concurrent users is on Xbox Live. It's all great - and it is, well done to Xbox Live. But then this with regard to the ban-hammer.

"We try to keep sanctity of life from a safety and anti-cheating perspective and we protect our partners."

"Sanctity of life"?! About banning users from an online system?

We can't see any executive from any company anywhere beating that one for the "2010 SPOnG Pomposity in Business" award let alone 2009's. If you think you can find one, nominate in the Forum please.


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