New Fable III Trailer Promises Revolution

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New Fable III Trailer Promises Revolution
Microsoft has released a new trailer has been to promote Fable III. titled Revolution, it sums up one of the objectives of the open-world role playing game in a snappy sixty seconds - lead a revolt to overthrow the tyrant king Logan from Albion.

Along with the trailer, Microsoft also announced that the game will be launching on the 29th October in both a standard edition (49.99) and limited edition (59.99). The latter of which will include exclusive game content such as a new quest, new location to explore and special hero outfits, as well as Fable III playing cards and a Guild coin.

Pre-ordering the game will allow you to use the Fable III Villager Maker, which can then approach you during the game itself after launch to offer a special quest worth 1000 gold pieces. There's also a swanky new themed Xbox 360 controller available to purchase now too.

Sit back and watch the moving cinematics below. Lovely.



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Only game the Mrs plays these days so she has booked the TV for a few weeks :-)
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