Microsoft Briefly Reduces Gamertag Change Charge - Gamers React

People are less than amused

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Microsoft Briefly Reduces Gamertag Change Charge - Gamers React
Microsoft is offering Xbox Live Gold Members the chance to save 30% off the usual cost of changing their own Gamertag. Major Nelson sort of announced it here.

Basically, this means that, as part of Microsoft's Deal of the Week, user now pay 560 MPs or US$7.00 to change their own Gamertag.

User on the Major Nelson blog have been more pleased:

"Wow...just wow....Who thinks this rubbish up? I guess the accountants are running Microsoft once and for all nowadays", asks one Devon Edwards.

"WORST Deal Of The Week EVER! This is really becoming a joke," says Adam Joslyn.

And a Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms Disquss_sucks points out that, "800 MSP is way too much for a few CPU cycles to change a few database entries, seriously!

"They should look into giving us gold members the gamertag change for 400 MSP permanently, whilest charging silver members 800 MSP, maybe even give 1 free gamertag change every 3 or 6 months to gold members! that should keep people from abusing the system"

However, it's not all anti-voices...

Mr, Ms or Miss or Mrs Z4MO states, "Well, price at least serves a purpose: to avoid people changing their nicknames every week.

"Decades ago, before steam, people cheated, teamkilled, camped and troll'd to death just to log out and come in again with another nickname being mr. nice guy

"I'm still surprised on how teh internets makes people go crazy and act like they'd never do in real life.

"Bottom line is that 1 free gamertag change per lifetime-user could fix any stuff anyone did wrong when nicknaming, After that price should be likr twice the current one.

"Oh, and by the way. WORST DEAL EVER.

"That's what we get for being gold ? really insults customers' intelligence..."

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Cfan 3 Aug 2011 13:58
Doesn't bother me, I just made sure I was happy with the Gamertag I created.
The deal does kinda suck though as in regards of paying for gold.
deleted 3 Aug 2011 21:31
I have been wanting to change my gamertag since forever, but at 800 msp i wont, and until its free then i wont either, i aint gonna lose much sleep over it..
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