Major Nelson on Xbox: We are not Adding More Ads

Microsoft Responds to Anger at Xbox Silverlight Ads

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Major Nelson on Xbox: We are not Adding More Ads
In the face of growing unrest around the Xbox community, Microsoft's Major Nelson has said that the addition of adverts using Silverlight (Microsoft's rich media equivalent to Flash) to the Xbox 360 dashboard does not mean there will be "more ads" on the 360.

The short version, tweeted by Major Nelson, goes, "We are not adding more ads".

The longer version, blogged by the Major, looks like this: "I’ve seen quite a bit of discussion today about how we’re bringing Silverlight ads to LIVE in the future.

"Silverlight will help make those ads a more organic part of the dashboard, like we’ve done with some of the NXE slots in the past. No one on the team wants to turn the dashboard into something that looks like like Shibuya Crossing. That’s just not good for anyone."

So there you go - Silverlight will make ads a more "organic". Phew! (Shibuya Crossing, in case you didn't know, is an place in Tokyo).

Forum posters on the Major's blog don't seem particularly placated by that, however. A recurring argument cropping up from gold members goes to the tune of 'I pay for my service, why should I have to deal with ads?'

Bringing Silverlight to the 360 dashboard is aimed at making it easier for advertisers to create cross-platform campaigns. More information here.

Microsoft has also been busy looking at other new advertising opportunities of late. The word 'Hulu' just keeps cropping up...


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