Xbox Voice Recognition Deal Finalised

'Your voice is your password'.

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Xbox Voice Recognition Deal Finalised
Plantronics has announced that it has finalised a deal with Microsoft to supply the Xbox with a communication headset to enable voice-activation functions in games. The unit will also be capable of acting as a voiceover IP, enabling cheap Internet based phone calls for all!

"Xbox will deliver incredible graphics and superior sound unmatched by any console on the market today," gushed Todd Holmdahl, general manager of Xbox Hardware. "Plantronics provides us with a good combination of technical performance, great design, and durability. We think the Plantronics headset for the Xbox Communicator will be very popular with our audience."

This little gadget had fuelled the rumours that Microsoft is gearing up the Xbox to become the first console to support virtual reality to a decent degree. The inclusion of voice recognition and direct to ear sound could be seen as the first step in this direction.

"Microsoft understands the impact that voice controlled performance will have on the Xbox experience for gamers. We are very pleased to have been chosen to develop a unique product for the Microsoft Xbox," said Neil Snyder, president of Plantronics' Computer Audio Systems Division. "Plantronics' leadership in both audio and voice input, as well as our expertise in building headsets that are lightweight, comfortable, durable and, most importantly, cool, will allow gamers to immerse themselves in their gaming experience."


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