More hints that Rare canned Tork

Schedule balance given as reason in world’s most amicable split.

Posted by Staff
Tiwak, the firm behind the excellent 3D platform adventure Tork, has responded to Microsoft’s recent decision not to bring the game to market.

As you may remember, when the announcement was made, frantic speculation from the games industry suggested the decision was influenced by Rare, who were not willing to share portfolio space with comparable games to those expected to be unveiled at this year’s E3.

A statement made by Tiwak seems to go some way towards confirming this. “"I know the decision was a difficult one for Microsoft Game Studios and was based on balancing their future games portfolio," said Yann Le Tensorer, CEO of Tiwak. "However, the game is almost finished, its excellent quality is recognised by almost everyone who has seen the game, and the play-test results are extremely promising. Tork is going to be released this fall. The contacts we currently have with various publishers make us confident that Tiwak will be able to make a great announcement by E3.”

We’ll see who picks up Tork in a matter of weeks, so stay tuned.


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