Microsoft and Datel Kiss, Make Up, Settle Lawsuits

Patent infringement and antitrust arguments cleared up.

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Microsoft and Datel Kiss, Make Up, Settle Lawsuits
The legal tussle between Microsoft and peripheral maker Datel has finally come to an end. The two companies have settled their Xbox 360 patent infringement and antitrust disputes and come to a 'satisfactory' agreement.

If you've got a short memory, Datel tried to take Microsoft to the cleaners in late 2009, after a dashboard update for the Xbox 360 had straight out knackered any support for third party accessories. In particular, Datel's popular Max Memory cards were blocked from working on the console. In return, Microsoft snapped back in 2010 alleging patent infringement of its official Xbox 360 controllers.

MCV reports the settlement as confirmed by Microsoft spokesperson Kevin Kutz, who sounds like a Hollywood actor. Of the terms of the agreement, he was quoted as saying they were "to the satisfaction of both parties," which we can only imagine was delivered in an equally dramatic manner.

Well done then, chaps.


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