Rumour: Gears of War Kinect Still Real

Take me (back) to the hospital.

Posted by Staff
Rumour: Gears of War Kinect Still Real
Kinect, eh? When is it going to be any hardcore games coming out? Well, if this alleged concept image is to be believed, Epic may already be lining up a version of Gears of War for the device.

Rumours of the Kinect-ready shooter first flared up last December, where Microsoft was said to be preparing an unveil such a title at the Spike TV Video Game Awards. That never happened, but Kotaku seems to have found an image that it reckons confirms its existence.

The image is an apparently 'older concept' screengrab that features action from Gears of War 2's opening hospital scene, with a picture of a rather boring chap in an office mimicking Marcus Fenix's communications link. But surely, if it was a game Cliff Bleszinski's involved with, the Kinect camera shot would display premium hardcore dudes and flying ninjas.

Back to the rumour, and it is believed that a Gears of War Kinect - if real - would feature on-rails based shooting. Sounds like a good idea? We'll let you know if anything more comes from this one.


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