Sega teams up with Microsoft. Titles confirmed

Massive news from the Tokyo Game Show as Bill teams up with Sonic

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Sega teams up with Microsoft. Titles confirmed
In a positive step forward for both companies, Sega and Microsoft have confirmed that Sega will be developing exclusive Xbox titles.

The announcement will see Sega officially adopt a new gaming platform, in conjunction with supporting PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance”

Bill Gates himself had something to say, describing the deal as a "…long term agreement that is very important to us".

"Having Sega on board with Xbox is a huge win for gamers around the world," said Robbie Bach, Chief Xbox officer (CXO) at Microsoft. "The creative artists at Sega not only are going to deliver great Xbox games, they will help us establish the benchmark for great Xbox gaming experiences both on and offline."

This is an important point made by Bach. With all the recent uproar concerning Microsoft’s planned latency, bringing Sega on board with its proven track history of being able to implement and manage online gaming at short notice may prove invaluable to the Xbox.

"We believe that Microsoft will be very successful with Xbox, which is why we have such a close, strategic relationship with them," said Peter Moore, president and COO, Sega of America. "Our world-renowned development studios have been very impressed with the Xbox hardware, and they are excited to bring new gaming experiences to consumers by utilizing the platform's power and network capabilities. We share Microsoft's commitment to broadband online gaming and will work with it to deliver the best content possible to gamers."

The confirmed Sega Xbox titles are:

Jet Grind Radio Future. As yet the final title remains unconfirmed, but expect more rollerblading graffiti-spraying action. It is rumoured that there will a variety of cities to vandalise including New York and London.

Sega GT 2. Sega’s GT game was slated by many as being something of a Gran Turismo rip-off. We would have to disagree. The game does borrow heavily from the Sony title, but brings enough new features to redeem itself. Sega GT is the game of the boy-racer. Each car is fully customisable, with each change pleasingly reporting the difference in power in BHP. The original was graphically superb. What it will look like on the Xbox must surely be worrying Sony.

Gunvalkyrie. Described in its release as “The next-generation shooter for Xbox, takes players to war to ignite the battlefields by joining an elite force of mercenaries to battle it out for control of the universe.” We will bring you more information as soon as we get it.

Panzer Dragoon. Anyone who has ever owned a Sega Saturn (OK, don’t all shout at once) will be extremely pleased to see Panzer Dragoon dusted off by Sega. The games still look stunning on the Saturn.


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