Xbox chief Robbie Bach speaks out on the state of Xbox in Japan

And to his credit, finds some positive points.

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Xbox chief Robbie Bach speaks out on the state of Xbox in Japan
In a recent interview, Global Xbox chief Robbie Bach took some time out to reflect on the launch of Microsoft’s console in Japan, the most difficult and troubled launch for the Xbox.

"Japan is going well on the software side and probably is a little behind where we want to be on the hardware side," said the Xbox head. "But we always expected things would be tough. Microsoft has demonstrated patience and persistence there before and I think we will do very well." Bold words from the man charged with making the Xbox a success on the eve of news that sales in Japan have only reached around 200,000 since launch.

"We're seeing a lot of strong support there. We expect our relationships there to grow. It's not something you can jump in, and in three weeks you have great relations with everyone. It takes three months, or three years. There is still more work to do in Japan."

Microsoft is however, seeing an almost unprecedented attach-rate for the Xbox. Japanese consumers have already purchased around three games each per Xbox hardware unit. “The critical next step for us is scaling the platform from being a successful launch to being a broad-based success with a big installed base," he said. "The second our online plans...We have some fun things to talk about, some fun things to show."

We will have an exclusive interview with Mr Bach straight from the floor at E3 next month, so stay tuned for more.


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