Microsoft: Natal is New Gaming Category

MGS requires a Creative Director for Natal

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Microsoft: Natal is New Gaming Category
"Microsoft Game Studios (MGS) is looking for a Creative Director to help develop a new gaming category for the Xbox 360 Natal program", so says the headline in a job ad recently posted by Microsoft.

Spotted by the ever-on-the-ball Superannunation, the advert requires that:

"The Creative Director will be part of the core team to help define and drive a vision while providing a source of inspiration, leadership, creative focus, and most importantly, is a guiding light for the project team. Boundless imagination is balanced with a deep understanding of the game development process; the ability to ideate is combined with the communication skills to concisely direct the creative efforts for the team."

Of course, you must have responsibilities:

"As Creative Director, you will work with the Executive Producer and other team leads to define the game vision and execute on that vision with excellence.

"- Direct the tone and timber (sic) of the project with an eye towards compelling character development, visionary narrative progression, and addictive gameplay

"- Collaborate with game play designers, story writers, game writers, and said external luminary to deliver on a unique gaming experience
" - Set clear creative goals and deliverables; lead and focus efforts across the design team to ensure a cohesive experience across the game and service
"- Anticipate threats to quality and innovation and work effectively with the team leads to mitigate"

Get your applications in now.


bukkows 26 Jan 2010 12:59
'Addictive gameplay' Sure fire selling point, exactly what Acti-Blizz manage with CoD and WoW.

It won't be addictive on Natal anyway, it'll get boring as soon as you're fed up of waving bodyparts and talking to your TV.
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