Microsoft Hails Success of Xbox Live Ads, More Planned

Gamers seem to love them!

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Microsoft Hails Success of Xbox Live Ads, More Planned
Dislike those pesky Xbox Live adverts? Well, you might have to direct your ire at the gamers interacting with them. Microsoft has revealed that its so-called NUads, introduced back in August 2012, have been a resounding success, with a 37 per cent engagement rate.

The NUads combine video commercials with interactive elements, such as user polls, to offer a more engaging experience. Subway and Toyota were two companies that used NUads to shift their brands onto suspecting consumers.

According to data by Microsoft, some 71 per cent of users who saw these adverts participated in the interactive polls, and 91 per cent of those stuck around to see their vote counted into the ad's poll results.

Xbox Live Entertainment and Advertising manager Ross Honey was naturally quite pleased with the outcome. "When we launched NUads, we redefined the 30-second spot. These results show that NUads is a real breakthrough in TV advertising, and you can expect more investment from us when it comes to this new ad format and video advertising in general."

You can't really blame Microsoft, can you?



ghoti 9 Jan 2013 12:41
These were pretty much the last straw for me when it came to deciding whether to renew my xbox live subscription. ie. I didn't bother.

To be fair, though, I still think the best xbox 360 dashboard is the one they launched with.
realvictory 9 Jan 2013 13:09
I haven't had an XBox Live subscription for over a year, I think.

I don't plan on renewing it soon, either - when you can get the same stuff free elsewhere and Xbox Live now seems to be full of ads.
Ares 9 Jan 2013 15:05
the ads kind of helped me on my shift to PC and Steam. I can get most of the same games. play in much higher resolutuin and use my 360 controller so what I am trying to say is f**k you microsoft you greedy basterds. you take my 60 bucks a year then f**k my experience up by putting ads in my face. Its goins to be PS4 for me you assholes
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