Microsoft to 'Shake Up' Games Division

J Allard rumours mount

Posted by Staff
Microsoft to 'Shake Up' Games Division
Following yesterday's rumour-inducing tale of J Allard's departure from Microsoft, it appears from one report that the company is to re-jig its entire gaming division.

The pay-walled Wall Street Journal reports that, "the software company could announce major organisational changes at its entertainment and devices division as early as this week."

The report comes with no attribution. However, it points to an announcement as early as this week.

Even Reuters has bought into the act, stating (based on the WSJ report) that, "The reorganization will be broader than Allard's departure, the Journal said, without giving details.

"That could mean a change of role for Robbie Bach, who has led the entertainment and devices unit since its creation in 2005. Bach, a 22-year Microsoft veteran, was responsible for the original launch of Xbox in 2001.

"A management shake-up would come just before Microsoft unveils its new hands-free system for the Xbox -- code-named Natal -- at the E3 gaming conference in mid-June."



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