Microsoft Gears Up for New Console with New Xbox Design Leadership

The woman responsible for the new game-relegating Xbox dashboard takes over in overall design.

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Microsoft Gears Up for New Console with New Xbox Design Leadership
Whether this is a case of one man deciding it's time to move on or of one company thinking it's time for a new console, Microsoft has replaced Don Coyner, General Manager, Design and Planning, and the man held widely responsible for the look and feel of the 360, with Emma Williams, general manager of Xbox Experience, the woman held responsible for the recently launched Xbox 360 dashboard.

According to CNE|T, which has decided, based on a Develop story, that the Xbox 720 will be launching in 2013, "Two sources who work for Microsoft say Coyner is no longer leading the design and experience group for Xbox. One of those sources said Coyner was replaced by Emma Williams, who helped guide the just-launched redesign of the Xbox Live interface."

Bear in mind that the new dashboard is widely seen as relegating Games to merely a form of content rather less exciting than Social media or Movies. Therefore Ms Williams taking up of the reigns in the overall design of the Xbox "720" would indicate that finally Microsoft's Trojan Horse or 'undercover of gaming' approach to owning your living room could come to fruition with the next iteration of the Xbox.

Despite starting his Microsoft life in sales and marketing, Coyner says CNET, "managed 140 software and hardware designers and user researchers in Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business group. The sources say he hasn't left the company. It's unclear, though, what his next role will be, or why Coyner is no longer in the job."

So, welcome to the big corner office Ms Williams. And remember, it was gaming that got you there.


Opie 16 Dec 2011 11:06
give him the job back. this new chick is killing the gaming aspect of my 360. She prob hates video games and men who play them.
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