Avatars to be Redesigned for Kinect Use - Pic

Proportions on current models just aren't cutting it.

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Avatars to be Redesigned for Kinect Use - Pic
Xbox 360 Avatars will be getting a makeover ahead of the launch of Kinect, Rare has revealed. The Twycross studio explained that its work on the original Avatars didn't account for the proportions needed to make movement with the motion-sensing device feel immersive.

Senior Programmer Nick Burton told Official Xbox Magazine that the redesigned Avatars will include more realistic proportions, as hand-eye co-ordination broke when using the original cartoon characters. He stressed it wasn't an issue with hardware, but with 'player perception.'

It's being dubbed already as 'Avatar 2.0', and we may just be able to see a glimpse of the new redesigned characters right now - the official Rare website for Kinect Sports displays an Avatar character in its loading screen that appears to have the alterations that Burton described.

Kinect is set to hit the UK on the 10th November.


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