Nokia and Microsoft Mobile Partnership Involves Xbox Live

200G for playing Snake?

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Nokia and Microsoft Mobile Partnership Involves Xbox Live
Nokia has announced a partnership with Microsoft that will see its Windows Phone 7 operating system appear on upcoming smartphones. If you've been keeping up with tech news, you'll know this already. But the companies are also looking to trade existing software technologies, which means Xbox Live integration too.

Windows Phone 7 was launched late last year on a variety of mobile devices. Its ability to connect to Xbox Live allows gamers familiar with the Xbox 360 to view their Gamertag and play mobile games for Achievements.

The partnership will also allow integration of Bing (woo) for maps (woo), search (woo) and ads (noo) as well as Office (woo). There's a video below where Stephen Elop and Steve Ballmer talk shop for about twenty seconds. Why not have a look? Go on. Stephen, you're not supposed to be glancing at the camera! You're doing it wrong!



deleted 11 Feb 2011 13:12
Shame, i was really hoping Nokia would partner with Android, but alas, I had the HD7 for 2 weeks, I returned it, it was just to early to own a W7P device, still maybe we will now see something decent of Windows phone with Nokia involved.
JenniferOwen 7 Feb 2012 19:24
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