Molyneux: Microsoft Set Me Free

More than Fable coming from Lionhead

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Peter Molyneux
Peter Molyneux
Peter Molyneux, head of Lionhead, has said that - contrary to conventional wisdom about corporate buyouts of independent studios - working for Microsoft has been like getting out of jail.

Explaining how working with a big corporation can be better than going it alone for a developer, Molyneux said, "You?ve got to realise that nothing, nothing, compares to the enormous struggle of dealing with venture capitalists. That was tough.

"There was a band of people that had invested in Lionhead because they very clearly wanted to make some money, and there was me bursting into the board room and saying, ?I?ve got a great idea!? and they?re saying, ?Oh God, Peter, will you just shut up with your great ideas and get on with making money?. So going from that world to the Microsoft world is like getting out of jail, being able to breathe again."

Maybe Microsoft isn't the evil empire some would like to believe. Maybe even the obscenely outspoken Peter Molyneux can't afford to bite the hand that feeds...

Molyneux also confirmed - very loosely - that Lionhead has something other than just more Fable in the pipeline. "We?re working on Fable things ? we?ve just done the DLC and we are working on other stuff. But we?re also working on other innovational (sic) titles ? and I?m not going to say title or titles, whether it?s a prototype or experiment, whether it?s near or far away ? but I can say that what we?re always trying to do is create something that is meaningful", Molyneux uttered.

It is known, thanks to the Twitter blunderings of Jonathan Ross, that (unshockingly) Fable 3 will be along at some point.

While Molyneux might be keeping quiet about his company's upcoming games, he's been perfectly happy to open his mouth on other subjects of late. He recently said that he's famously awful at developing games.

You can see the interview in full over at Develop.


SuperSaiyan4 23 Mar 2009 12:26
Yeah released him to make an absolute shoddy unfinished buggy as hell game!
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