Microsoft to offer Internet cafe Xperience

Software giant announces next phase of assault.

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Microsoft to offer Internet cafe Xperience
Microsoft’s Japanese Xbox team has unveiled plans to release free-to-play Xbox stations in Internet cafes across Japan.

The first two games to be made available will be ports of the PC versions of Age of Empires II and Dungeon Seige.

Although little is known about the format of the plan, it is believed that Microsoft will commandeer sitting room-esque booth space within cafes to give gamers that authentic ‘Xbox at home’ feel.

Although the number of Internet cafes in Japan is low - around 1,600 throughout the country - it is a boom market, seeing 10% growth month on month. Japanese gamers have been queuing up to play their Chinese and Korean neighbours at games such as Counterstrike, Quake and Half Life.

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