Controller S dated for Europe

Plus: bumper Xbox US bundle revealed.

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Controller S dated for Europe
Microsoft’s European Xbox team has confirmed that the much-preferred Controller S will be released in Europe on November 1, pleasing women, children and men with small hands.

The Controller S is based around the joypad MS released with the Japanese Xbox, and features a smaller body, better button arrangement and a far superior D-pad.

In other news, Microsoft in the US has revealed plans to release an impressive new Xbox bundle into the region, following on from the free DVD controller promotion it has been running. This bundle will include the Xbox console, a Controller S and two free games, Sega GT 2002 and Jet Set Radio Future.

Although nothing has been confirmed at this time, it is likely that Microsoft UK will follow this lead. Will this be enough for Microsoft to clinch a decent market share over Christmas?

We think it probably will.


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