Project Gotham 4: Photo Mode Screens Inside

Cameras at the ready

Posted by Staff
The good chaps over at Microsoft have released a fresh batch of screens from its upcoming racer, Project Gotham Racing 4 - this time showing off the game's photo mode. SPOnG has them below to titillate your eyeballs.

It's a feature SPOnG's pleased to see. We're exactly the vain sorts to spend our weekends photographing our beat up old Minis and Corsas, so being able to do it without crouching in hedges as our mates steam past showing off what our machines can do is obviously going to improve our weekends. Not that, as far as we're aware, beat up Minis and Corsas are available to race in PGR4...

For more on PGR4 - which is due out on October 12th - visit SPOnG's dedicated game page.


deleted 10 Sep 2007 10:58
except for the online part, PGR has gotten a bit boring, so i will only be looking forward to playing cat and mouse with bikes and cars together.
hollywooda 10 Sep 2007 11:15
One of the best driving games just keeps on getting better!!, cant wait 4 this game they always seem to find a way to keep things fresh & exicting on & off line, i find games like Forza & GT good but i dont like them enough to put the time in to really appreciate them, what i love about PGR is its fun from the offset, no fcuking about, with bikes & weather added & more stunning visuals this gonna be a killer title..
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