See The New European Xbox 360 Ad Now!

New footage ready to roll…

Posted by Staff
Microsoft has today released the European TV commercial that will promote its soon-come Xbox 360 console across the continent in readiness for launch on December 2.

Click here to see Mongol warriors, a big monster and a malfunctioning car stereo, and wonder along with us as to what any of means.


majin dboy 17 Nov 2005 16:04
it dosnt work for says format not recognised or something
king skins 17 Nov 2005 16:05
bit odd...
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kid_77 17 Nov 2005 16:27
You're not missing much. Typical 1st-wave advert for a new console: all "lifestyle", no game footage.

Where are the blue skys?
Myristate 18 Nov 2005 03:37
Well That Sucks!
king skins 18 Nov 2005 13:30
I liked the japanese one where evreyone was playing with a skiping rope... was quite cool
fluffstardx 21 Nov 2005 18:03
I prefer the water balloon fight. Captures the whole "masses of people of any age joining in the fun" idea a lot easier.

There's tons of them over at File Rush.
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