Halo 3 - Three Versions - Price Confirmed

Microsoft sets US pricing to retailers - announces versions.

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Halo 3 - Three Versions - Price Confirmed
On the same day as Microsoft slips out the first pack shots for the mega-stunner-360 soon-to-be-hit, Halo 3 our sources in the US-of-A tell us that the company has confirmed pricing - for the Legendary pack at least.

Microsoft and Bungie have just press released the world and its cousin, Phil, with the fact that there will be three versions: Standard Edition, Limited Edition and the ultimate collector?s item, the Legendary Edition.

Rather than the $99.99 we'd all expected, the Legendary edition is going to be $129.99. We assume that Standard will retail at $59; the Limited edition will be $69.

Microsoft tells us all that, "The Legendary Edition will be released in limited quantities and arrive in a highly collectible Spartan helmet case... along with two bonus disks full of additional content.

"The first disk will provide exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage and videos, including a high-definition ?Making of Halo 3? documentary; numerous high-definition featurettes documenting the creative design processes involved in developing the game; and even a look at some early game concepts and their evolution through the game?s development.

"The disk will also include an audio-visual calibration tool, never before seen on a video game and custom designed by the Halo 3 graphics and audio team to make the most of fans? high-definition home cinemas...

"The second bonus disk, an exclusive to the Legendary Edition, will include completely remastered cinematic material from Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 supplemented with developer commentaries... Exclusive content from the creative minds behind Machinima artists Red vs. Blue and This Spartan Life will also be included."

"The Legendary Edition contains a collection of original Halo 3 storyboard art from artist Lee Wilson, depicting key moments and pivotal scenes from the epic cinematic production of Halo.

"The Limited Edition will also include a bounty of extras. Within a sleek metal collector?s case, gamers will also receive the first bonus disk found in the Legendary Edition, as well as a special Halo fiction and art book."


Rod Todd 17 Mar 2007 16:18
Hmmmm. It's a BIG gap between $59 and $129, and $69 isn't abnywhere near bridging it. If the Limited Edition really does have a "bounty of extras" is it not reasonable to expect it to be $79, or maybe even $89?
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