Crytek Almost Became a Microsoft First-Party Studio

Microsoft approached the studio years ago.

Posted by Staff
Crytek Almost Became a Microsoft First-Party Studio
Imagine if Microsoft had made Crisis developer Crytek a first-party studio. As a PS3 fanboy, how angry would you have been? According to the Xbox manufacturer, this almost happened.

Talks begun about the possibility of the developer, responsible for Far Cry in 2004 as well as the 2007 PC-melting sci-fi shooter, becoming an Xbox-exclusive studio "about seven or eight years ago," corporate VP Phil Spencer recalled to OXM.

"We started talking about what it'd mean for them to become first-party... And it was a process of what do you guys want to do, what's unique for us, and they were just going to do Crysis, and they'd just come out of Far Cry, and we said we've probably got enough military future shooters, so go do that."

You'd think Microsoft would be falling over itself to secure exclusive talent, in the face of Sony's impressive first-party arsenal. But we'd agree that marketing the Xbox as the 'futuristic shooter console' would probably go against what it would eventually try to achieve with the Kinect.


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