J Allard Lacks Courage

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J Allard Lacks Courage
Ex-Microsoft guru and, basically, begatter of the Xbox 360, has emerged from his self-imposed media exile since he departed the company and has spoken about how he feels.

Apparently he's not feeling too hot. Asked what it needed to build his 'empire' within Microsoft, he responded to Xbox World 360, "There is no secret it's all about courage. Without courage your empire will not be started.

"When I started, I had all the courage in the world. When I left, I left all of my courage behind."

Sounds really, really sad... still he's consulting for Microsoft, so next time he's pops in he might be able to pick up that courage from reception.

And no one mention Zune, okay?


Joe Bloggs 19 Jan 2011 17:56
That's what separates the yes men who got into a company and worked their way up, from the Steve Jobs' of this world.
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