Microsoft to Support Blu-ray - UPDATE

Or a simple slip of the tongue?

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Microsoft to Support Blu-ray - UPDATE
We have just been emailed the following update from Microsoft's public relations people, seeking to set the record straight with regard to Neil Thompson's comments as quoted by the BBC and reported in our story below.

In the interest of clarity and fair play, we reprint the entire emailed statement here for you to make your own mind up about:

"The article implies that Neil is suggesting that Microsoft is going to support Blu-Ray. To confirm, this quote has been taken out of context and is not what Neil was implying. Microsoft offers, and fully supports, the HD-DVD format and offers consumers the choice of getting their HD movie content either via the optional HD-DVD player or via Xbox Live Video Marketplace (US only)."

Now read the article below and tell us what you think, in the Forum.


In an interview with the BBC today regarding the PlayStation 3 launch in Europe, Neil Thompson, head of Xbox in the UK, is quoted as saying:

"The only debate is if you want to watch Blu-ray movies and pay the extra money for that feature.

“Whatever format wins it is highly likely we will offer a solution.”

Now, bear in mind that Microsoft is a senior member of the HD-DVD Forum – the official body behind the format. It also offers an HD-DVD add-on for the Xbox 360. Now, maybe we’re reading this wrong, but it certainly sounds to us as if Mr Thomson is suggesting that his company is going to support Blu-ray.

Of course, reading more closely between the thin lines this could simply be a way of saying that in Blu-ray doesn’t stand a chance, and that Microsoft already supports the winning format.

But we don’t think so.


LUPOS 22 Mar 2007 16:19
Moore sad something similar last year before the HD-DVD drive was released. They keep pushing this "let the customer choose what features they want" thing, which i think is noble, though a bit of BS. While I'm glad the Hard drive isn't necessary, it is proprietary. As are the memory cards and wifi adapter and there wireless controllers :/

If Blu-ray does win out it would be stupid of MS not to offer a drive. If it is the dominant format they will want people to see there console as a valid option to get into it, just like the PS3. Otherwise it becomes a much more valid bullet point for sony.
ajmetz 22 Mar 2007 17:32
Microsoft have gone down the add-on route so if HD-DVD fails, they can easily make a Blu-Ray add on.

Although better yet would be one of those two-in-one drives cropping up that can play both. ^_^.
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