PlayStation Vita and the Improving Sales Tale

Yes, we're going with good news on Japanese hardware sales... what of it?

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OK, not in Japan but still a funny image, right?
OK, not in Japan but still a funny image, right?
Come on now, of late it's been quite easy to slam Sony for laziness, wrong decisions and general not-getting-its-shit-togetherness when it comes to... its entire business, but here at least a some good news for Kaz Hirai and his team.

According to Enterbrain stats from Japan for games hardware are in and the Vita only sold 42,629 fewer than Nintendo's 3DS, and it did sell 6,239 more than the PS3 for the period of June 25 through July 1.

Also, says, Enterbrain via Andriasang, "Pokemon Black & White 2 (DS) was once again the top seller, with 416,850 units bringing its two week total to 2,035,471 units."

The same source states that, "Vita's minor surge may have been due to the release of the new Crystal White color variation as well as Metal Gear Solid HD."

Enterbrain's full hardware chart is...

Nintendo 3DS - 65,267 (68,056)
Sony PS Vita - 22,638 (13,589)
Sony PS3 - 16,399 (15,680)
Sony PSP - 11,461 (8,954)
Nintendo Wii - 6,880 (6,127)
Microsoft Xbox 360 - 861 (1,073)
Sony PS2 - 490 (1,065)
Nintendo DSi - 657 (704)


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