Xbox 360 Lifespan To Match PS2

As t’old fella enters eighth year on the market

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Mindy Mount: Great name for a great lady.
Mindy Mount: Great name for a great lady.
Mindy Mount, the awesomely named chief financial officer for Microsoft's entertainment division, is certainly very keen for the Xbox 360 to have a longer lifespan than its predecessor, which, as you may remember, Microsoft dropped like a steaming hot potato immediately after the Xbox 360 launch in late 2005.

PlayStation 2 meanwhile continues to sell, with a new model on the way in 2008 – the console’s eighth year on the market.

Mindy Mount pays a rare homage to Sony this week, telling a BMO Capital Markets conference on interactive entertainment:

"Look at the PS2; they've gone long-time and seem to have pretty good legs on what they are doing…If we were able to do that, as a CFO I think that's great, because every year you draw it out you increase profitability."

The videogame industry is on track to hit $40 billion this year, according to Mount, who increasingly sees little gain to be made in making the leap to yet another ‘next generation’, noting:

"At this point from the technological perspective, there are some real advances ... that make it worth having a next-generation console… Right now there aren't that many things on the horizon that you think, wow, that's going to be a game-changer."

Source: Reuters


SuperSaiyan4 7 Nov 2007 13:58
'Xbox 360 Lifespan To Match PS2'

No where in that article does it even hint at the Xbox 360 looking to match the PS2 lifespan.

Where are you getting this info from???
deleted 7 Nov 2007 18:50
Once again another completly misleading headline, she basically points out that the PS2 lifespan is a good thing and that right now they are not going to launch a next gen system(i should hope not too), but no where does she say that the xbox 360 aims to match the PS2 lifespan?
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PreciousRoi 8 Nov 2007 01:02
headline garbage. shame.
LUPOS 8 Nov 2007 15:17
Now admittedly it's not literally spelled out, but do you seriously not get that intention form what she said?

Look at the PS2; they've gone long-time

If we were able to do that, as a CFO I think that's great, because every year you draw it out you increase profitability

So PS2 last forever, we would like to have our console do the same.

Our console = xbox360

There for: we want xbox360 to last a long time like the ps2. OR, in other words, we want the 360 to last AS LONG AS the ps2. (or longer? Why not?!)

Not exactly a huge leap of faith there. What did you expect when you clicked the link? A proclamation from MS swearing they will keep making 360's for a minimum ten years even if it flops completely?

I've seen a few questionable headlines pop up on here over the years but the lot of you really seam to be splitting hairs on this one.
Anonymous Rockstar3F09 30 Oct 2009 11:19
Today PS2 is celebrating its 9th birthday and its continuing to sell for a couple of more years time instead of 10 years time.
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