New Xbox manufacturer found

Taiwanese firm shifts production to China.

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New Xbox manufacturer found
Microsoft’s Xbox team has announced that it found a new firm to manufacture its Xbox console. PC maker Wistron has won the contract and will begin production before the end of this financial year.

Until this point, Flextronics had produced the Xbox in Mexico, and a now-defunct factory in Hungary had also been utilised.

“As the world's leading contract manufacturer for the PC industry, we are looking forward to working on this groundbreaking game console and helping Microsoft meet its manufacturing goals and consumer demand for Xbox,” said Wistron chief executive Simon Lin. “We look forward to a long, successful relationship.”

Microsoft will no doubt be hoping that this move will help stem spiralling Xbox production costs and ease some of the troubles it has encountered with some of its hardware partners, especially nVidia.

Expect to see more from Xbox at X02 at the end of this month.


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