Japan Hardware: Wii Sales Rocket

More than trebles last week's sales.

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Japan Hardware: Wii Sales Rocket
We’re not quite sure what happened, but between last week and this week Nintendo’s Wii has had a serious kick up the backside in the Japanese Hardware Chart (courtesy Media Create, 8th - 14th November 2010). It leads the console chart with nearly 40,000 units sold, following a rather dismal performance of over 11,000.

Console Chart:
Wii: 39,308 (11,521)
PS3: 21,114 (23,524)
Xbox 360: 2,149 (2,686)
PS2: 1,233 (1,460)

Handheld Chart:
PSP: 40,328 (34,538)
DSi LL: 18,711 (22,858)
DSi: 13,994 (16,038)
PSP Go: 2,727 (2,918)
DS Lite: 1,752 (2,766)

(Previous week’s unit sales in brackets for comparison)

The PSP still takes command of the handheld chart (and the overall chart, at that) with just over 1,000 more units sold than the Wii. In another surprising turn of events, the download-only PSP Go is seeing some serious gains - not exactly difficult when your record is something like 800, but at least Sony’s recent price cut has counted for something.

Besides the Wii and PSP-3000 series, all hardware figures were down on the week before.


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Those Japanese really want the WIi 2
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