Control your Xbox using only your Brain!

Science fiction or science fact?

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Control your Xbox using only your Brain!
Brain computer interface research specialists IBVA has set to work developing brainwave controlled functionality for Microsoft’s Xbox console, we have learned.

IBVA’s brain tracking technology, according to the company, may have applications for videogame usage! “We've been waiting for this for over a decade," said Drew DeVito, President of IBVA Technologies, Inc. "There is finally a consumer product that has the power to do everything we've always wanted to do with brain tracking in the home."


He continued, “The Xbox really brings a level of technology into the home that we didn't think could hit the $299 price range in this day and age. But Bill Gates did it, and we are ready to run with it."

So is it possible, or just a pipe dream? DeVito says he has some brain controlled Xbox software already up and running. “We can bring hardcore brain tracking technology to the Xbox. We've currently got some good brain tracking running right now on the Xbox that truly brings a new game experience that most gamers could never have imagined before. For instance if you're racing along in Project Gotham or Rallisport, and your concentration is broken, our system will pick that up and kick in the handbrake to spin your control out of your hands. We can also attach that to the gas pedal, or do both, or do it in reverse! It's wild stuff, and we want to go much further. But we've gone about as far as we can without Microsoft's help.”

A dream come true or a nightmare in the making? More will no doubt be revealed at E3, so stay tuned!


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