Rumour: Microsoft Cancels E3 Post-Conference Roundtable

Journalist shares email to press... at his own peril.

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Rumour: Microsoft Cancels E3 Post-Conference Roundtable
Microsoft has cancelled an E3 roundtable with members of the media, according to a journalist who got wind of the company's LA plans.

Toronto Sun writer Steve Tilley tweeted, "Microsoft has cancelled its #E3 post-press conference roundtable w/ the media. Not sure what to make of that," after receiving a blanket email to press informing them that they will not get open mic time with key Xbox executives. The reason? "A change in execs' schedules... It's definitely disappointing."

Tilley later speculated that Microsoft could have something else planned to replace the post-conference roundtable... but if true, this will likely amount to closed-doors one-on-ones with a small selection of outlets, where pre-agreed questions will no doubt be asked.

If true, it's not something that Microsoft needs right now, after assuring gamers and press that it will be transparent in its used-game policy and always-connected strategy very soon. E3 would have been the perfect time to sit execs in front of a gaggle of writers concerned about their audiences' favourite hobby. Indeed, news of the cancellation has led to speculation that Microsoft doesn't have its policies straight yet - or simply wants to avoid talking about it.

In the meantime, it seems that Microsoft has had a few words with Tilley since the incident. The writer wrote an 'explanation' of the whole affair, which didn't really clarify things at all except to try and quell any concern about Microsoft's E3 showing.


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