Microsoft's Ballmer Promises PC Kinect to Energy Industry

Coming in a few months

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Microsoft's Ballmer Promises PC Kinect to Energy Industry
Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer has promised the US energy industry that they'll be using Kinect technology running under Windows in a few months.

Speaking at the Houston's energy conference CERA Week 2011, having shown off Kinect streaming Sky TV as well as videocaling, Ron Forbes of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business said:

"While these amazing experiences are centered in your living room right now, you can imagine how the technology behind Kinect and Xbox LIVE can be harnessed and applied anywhere, from a classroom to an offshore platform to a conference room. This is just the beginning, and personally I can't wait to see where it goes."

Ballmer picked up the theme, "The kind of technology we showed you is the result of many years of research in our labs. And while we're currently using these kinds of advances for the entertainment world, we'll bring this technology now into the business world by connecting it up, for example, to the PC or the phone.

"And if you think about that, you know, Ron was sort of having some fun, and he mentioned an offshore platform, but the scenarios that our researchers have played with are really quite dramatic" he continued:

"In fact, as I said, in the next few months, we're going to give software developers the tools to take this technology onto Windows, so that with any PC and any environment in the world you can have this kind of interactivity, and the possibilities are endless."

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