Microsoft Says 3D Gaming Not Necessary... Again

The more you talk about something...

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Microsoft Says 3D Gaming Not Necessary... Again
If Microsoft hates 3D so much, one has to wonder why it keeps talking about it. The latest is from Xbox senior product manager David Dennis, who said that he wasn't sure if stereoscopic gaming is something that players really want.

"There was a big rush by some other folks in the industry to convince people they want to play in 3D," Dennis told Eurogamer. "You can question the motivations of why they want to make everyone go buy a new TV perhaps, but I think 3D has to fit in a natural way where it fits with the gameplay.

"Something we're watching and wanting to understand from consumers is whether this is something they actually want. Does it add to the gaming experience? Does it distract from the gaming experience? Is it something they want to play long-term? Or is it something they try a few times and then go back to regular 2D modes?"

But, if demand is there for the feature, Dennis noted that Microsoft would do what it could to implement it. "You watch the market penetration of 3D TVs, you look if it's something people are buying and you adapt and innovate, just like we've done by deploying different system updates and features.

"If there are other things we want to do with 3D that consumers are asking for, we would explore it."

Seems funny in a way how Microsoft is talking about 3DTV market penetration, in a similar vein to Nintendo's reference to HDTV penetration in regards to the Wii's specifications.


gingineer 29 Jun 2011 14:02
Starcraft 2 and civ 5 looked amazing in 3D... that is all
da man 29 Jun 2011 14:05
3d is kind of cool but 2d is just as nice and does not give you a head ach. zelda 3ds looks awsome in 3d but hurts my eyes and then gives me a nasty headach
realvictory 30 Jun 2011 11:03
It's fair enough to suggest to me something that I might want, but it's slightly offensive, on the other hand, to try to tell me what I don't want.

If they think the problem with 3D is that it's not accessible enough, isn't it their job to make it accessible? If they're not going to do anything about it, don't complain about it.
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