Microsoft Clarifies Xbox One 'Self Publishing'

Phil Harrison does the spin... you listen

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Microsoft has confirmed that - like a bad restaurant called Eat@Kevs from about 2001 - the new Xbox One indie self-publishing program will be called ID@Xbox. But what are the details?

Ex-Sony game dev liason and online fellow and now Microsoft's corporate vice president of the interactive entertainment business in Europe, Phil Harrison has delved into the details. As you'd expect, 'self-publishing' did sound too altruistic. Let's see what Microsoft really means:

"While we are in this early phase, where we are making professional development kits available to developers, there is this element of curation and we are definitely going to be focusing on developers who have more of a track record. But longer term our goal is that the Xbox One console can be used as a development kit, and then clearly we're going to be opening this up much more broadly.

"As you would expect there will be certain content types that we will not permit to be released onto the platform, but they'd be what I'd describe as industry standard content types that would be excluded from the platform, I don't think we're going to be doing anything different."

OK, makes sense. Now, 'follow the money' as the old journalistic advice has it...

Starting with no good reason with the word, 'So', Phill tells GamesIndustry, "So the developer can set their own wholesale price and we act as the retailer. So Xbox Live acts as a reseller, and Xbox Live Store will be setting the ultimate retail price to the consumer. That's the way in which our store has always been structured."

What's the revenue spilt then Phil, " I would describe us as very industry standard."

More when we hear.


DrkStr 20 Aug 2013 13:14
I would describe us as very industry standard.

Where "industry" is indie games on the Xbox platform.
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