Alien Hominid Lands on XBLA Tomorrow

The Behemoth’s side-scrolling shooter

Posted by Staff
Microsoft has just announced that this week’s Xbox Live Arcade title is to be The Behemoth’s popular side-scrolling shooter, Alien Hominid.

Alien Hominid is set to hit the Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow morning bright and early at 8am (GMT) and is set to feature sixteen levels, seven mini-games and full online multiplayer support.

Plus, the free trial version will let you have a ‘look see’ to check if it’s worth you shelling out the 800 Microsoft Points to get the full version.
From MS’s release just in:

”Alien Hominid from The Behemoth is a side-scrolling extraterrestrial experience like no other;As a feisty yet adorable alien, gamers must fend off FBI agents to ensure their spaceship stays safe. With unique, hand-drawn characters and weapons, this award-winning title is the epitome of quirky humour and intergalactic fun.”

For those who don’t know, Alien Hominid is something of a cult hit, which started off as a Flash game before heading to home console back in 2005.


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