Microsoft Announces New 360 PGR3 Bundle

If you don't have a 360 yet, this might persuade you.

Posted by Staff
SPOnG has just got off the blower with Microsoft's PR guys in the UK who have informed us that a new £299.99 premium 360/PGR3/extra wireless controller bundle will be in stores later this week. We then got back to the serious matter of scurrilous gossip about bad behaviour from SPOnG staffers at past X0 events, in anticipation of the Barcelona event next week.

Back to the bundle - if you don't yet have a 360, then this is surely tempting. For what amounts to an extra £20, you get one of the best driving games available on the market - see SPOnG's review of PGR3 if you don't believe us, plus the best wireless gaming controller yet designed by humans.

Stephen McGill, Head of Marketing Xbox & Games commenting on the bundle, said, “Project Gotham Racing 3 is such a popular game and a great first title for the Xbox 360. Not only can you experience the seriously impressive graphics for yourself but now we’re bundling this game with the console and an extra controller, so you can take on your friends too. This will make a lot of gamers in the UK happy this Christmas.”

Skinflints can also now pick up a core system (the rubbish one without a hard drive, component leads and wireless headset and stuff) for £199.99, but why would you want to do that, when for a hundred notes more, you get all the above?

PlayStation 3 launches in Europe in March 2007. Think about it.


SCiARA 25 Sep 2006 13:38
excellent value for money making the xbox240 (or core system) look redundant..
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