GamesCom '09: Peter Molyneux "Serious this Time" with Fable III

Game announced... details here.

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Fable II
Fable II
Peter Molyneux, studio head of Lionhead, has just announced Fable III at Microsoft's GamesCom press conference. The game's slated for 2010.

Speaking about the Fable series, Molyneux said, "I think there is something fundamentally wrong with Fable, with all RPGs. There's something insidiously built into the game. I'd like to take that foundation stone and throw it away."

It would seem that that something is related to power, because in Fable III you're going to be the ruler of Albion, so your actions will affect the entire kingdom.

"Looking at our iconic leaders, Gordon Brown (laughs) or Obama - the history of mankind is based around these iconic leaders", Molyneux said.

In the game, you'll be able to eradicate poverty or horde all the kingdom's riches for yourself - which all starts to throw some light on those Lionhead teaser images that have been going up on the company's website.

You won't be the boss from the word go, though. Half of the game will be what Molyneux is referring to as the 'journey to rule'. You'll start as the son or daughter of your character from your Fable II saved data and Albion will be ruled by a tyrant. One of your tasks will be to drum up support and start a revolution.

One of the slides said that on the journey you'll have to make promises, but "will you keep the promises when you rule"? Ask Milo about that...

Players' characters will age dramatically as they play, much as we often see in real world leaders.

If all this is starting to sound like an RTS - it's not, apparently.

"This time, for me, we really are taking this seriously", Molyneux said.

Expect recurring characters from Fable II, as well as a fair old chunk of Albion that you haven't seen before. There's a new gameplay mechanic called 'judgements', in which your subjects will come before you with problems. You can investigate, demand explanations or just pass judgement at any time.

There's another new mechanic called 'Touch'. You'll be able to touch other characters with gestures ranging from a handshake to a full-blown snog. Molyneux made comparisons to the expressions system in the first Fable. You'll be able to use the mechanic to do things like reassure a scared child before you rescue them from a burning building.


Andy P 19 Aug 2009 12:19
"This time I really mean it."

Like the man who keeps beating his wife...
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