Watch Out Microsoft - Apple is Looking to Buy Kinect Makers

For some reason, Microsoft never bought the Kinect company...

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Watch Out Microsoft - Apple is Looking to Buy Kinect Makers
Apple is apparently looking to snatch PrimeSense, the company that makes Kinect tech from beneath the noses of what is appearing to be a very complacent Microsoft according to reports.

Since we first heard that Microsoft was licensing a technology from a company based in Israel called PrimeSense - a technology that would change Xbox forever - we thought, "Why isn't Microsoft buying it outright?" We still think that, even more so now Apple is making a move to do just that.

This, at least, is what Israeli newpaper Calcalist would have us believe in a report, translated by Variety, which states:

"Apple is in early discussions to acquire motion-sensing chip startup PrimeSense, whose technology is used in Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect attachment, according to a published report.

"The tech giant is weighing a bid “probably” in the ballpark of $280 million... Top Apple engineering execs visited Tel Aviv, Israel-based PrimeSense in early July."



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