Website Makes Activity an Eyesore

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Nothing quite as fantastic as this though, sadly.
Nothing quite as fantastic as this though, sadly.
You might not have noticed this, but Microsoft has launched a special website to promote the upcoming Xbox 360 Kinect peripheral. And it's... rather eye-bleeding, truth be told.

The website is a wall of videos showing people playing Kinect and having fun, broken up every now and then by quotes from those who have tried the peripheral. "It is fun and cool. You should make a bunge [sic] jumping game," exclaims one. Quite.

You can see the upchuck of web design by clicking here. Beware - if the videos don't get you, the purple will.


AN_D_K 30 Jul 2010 11:32
Bloody hell, it taking forever to load. I'm not allowed that much bandwidth at work.
Dannybuoy 30 Jul 2010 12:04
I'm sorry but I'm not installing Silverlight on my mac. Evil
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deleted 31 Jul 2010 22:14
yeah cause we all want a bunge jumping game, why not give us what we really want and hand clapping game, rock paper scissors 360 and of course Prof Layton count on your fingers!

just noticed my avatar vanished?? poof!
AN_D_K 1 Aug 2010 12:27
Isn't Silverlight all arsey about installing and updating to a pirated copy of Windows too? Brilliant advertising there. Just block half the people on the internet. Evil or not, they could still potentially shell out for a Kinect. Beggers can't be choosers and all that.
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