Xbox 360 Gamerscore Limit Increased

Microsoft raises the bar

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Xbox 360 Gamerscore Limit Increased
Microsoft may have formally increased the number of Gamerscore points allowed for a single game to 1,750, with the corresponding number of Achievements being 80, according to reports.

The latest on this comes from "several unconnected development sources" apparently. It follows a report a few days ago from Xbox360Achievements.

Previously, it was understood that a game could offer a total of 1,250 Gamerscore points - 1,000 from a boxed game and a further 250 from DLC.

According to the reports, 1,000 points is still the limit for boxed game content, but a further 750 can now be offered through DLC. This reportedly corresponds to 50 achievements in boxed game content and a further 30 in DLC.

There have been exceptions to the previously-understood rules in the past - notably Halo 3, which went right up to 1,750 points and Fallout 3 and Fable 2, which have gone to 1350 points. These were seen as the exception rather than the rule, however.



SuperSaiyan4 1 May 2009 11:36
This is old news, I saw info regarding this about a week ago...
DrkStr 1 May 2009 13:08
SuperSaiyan4 wrote:
This is old news, I saw info regarding this about a week ago...

Gamersc-whore is just a way to sell more games, lots of easy achievments mean more games sold.
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croople 2 May 2009 13:23
@DrkStr yeah them trophies too
Daz 3 May 2009 19:15
@DrkStr I don't think achievements/trophies and games sales are related in anyway, no one is stupid enough to buy a game just for achievements/trophies.
GAMERBOY 30 Nov 2009 09:37
this will be the best thing in the world i love gamerscore. i have 15G bring me the gamerscore now xbox live.
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