Battlestar Galactica And Exit On Live Arcade Tomorrow

Plus new stuff for Uno, Bomberman Live and Pinball FX

Posted by Staff
Vivendi?s Battlestar Galactica heads to Xbox LIVE Arcade tomorrow, accompanied by a side order of Taito?s puzzler Exit.

You may remember Taito's Exit from the PSP version, which kept us pretty busy for some time with its 220 levels. In the game you are charged with helping Mr. Esc (short for Escape, geddit!) escape from various jams featuring fire, ice, crumbling walls and debris while doing the one thing he's really good at ? saving peoples lives.

The game was solid, puzzle fun and the XBLA version should be well worth the 800 Microsoft points (6.80 in earth money) for puzzle fans.

Battlestar Galactica is a space combat game (never!) based on the popular (modern) telly series; it costs 800 points/6.80 as well ? players can choose to defend Galactica or join the dark side with the evil Cylons. However, as Mark SPOnG points asks, "How are you even going to know if you've joined the Cylons? I mean Sharon "Boomer" Valerii didn't know".

Thank you, Mark. SPOnG goes for evil over good, every time.

That?s not all with the XBLA news folks, as three current LIVE Arcade titles get updates this week, with Big Button Pad support for Uno (supporting the big fat buzzer controller you?ll get with Scene It?), Bomb-Up Pack 3 for Bomberman Live and new content for Pinball FX.


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