New Japanese Developer Commits to Xbox 360

Hasn't yet supported the console; will release slew of titles later this year.

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New Japanese Developer Commits to Xbox 360
Adding to the refreshed marketing charge led by Microsoft Japan yesterday, Famitsu Xbox 360 Editor-in-Chief Munetatsu Matsui hinted on Twitter that a developer who has yet to make a game for the console will do so later in the year.

Not only that, but it will “release a large number of titles,” according to Andriasang. The cryptic message was made following Matsui's recent attendance at a party, where the mysterious developer spilled the beans.

Microsoft is really giving this Japan marketing thing another good go, isn't it? On top of Monster Hunter Frontier and other special tie-ups with Capcom, the company has rebranded its image via television adverts and a new website. These depict the Xbox 360 as a salaryman searching for “big hitting titles” under the Xbox Special Division. You can see their hard work here.

Any ideas as to who this mysterious developer could be? Square's already hopped on board, and Tecmo's been on side since the very beginning. We can only think of Nippon Ichi Software, but perhaps you SPOnGers out there have better suggestions. Let us know in the comments box below.


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