Japan Hardware: GT5 Doubles PS3 Sales

Wii and DS also see gains.

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Japan Hardware: GT5 Doubles PS3 Sales
Sony’s PlayStation 3 saw a huge surge in sales thanks to Gran Turismo 5’s launch. This week’s Japanese Hardware Chart (via 4gamer, 22nd - 28th November 2010) shows that the racing sim has helped the console to double its unit sales over the previous week.

Console Chart:
PS3: 68,840 (29,058)
Wii: 41,267 (27,851)
Xbox 360: 4,329 (7,083)
PS2: 1,332 (1,255)

Handheld Chart:
PSP: 75,689 (96,601)
DSi LL: 28,370 (21,836)
DSi: 26,548 (20,550)
PSP Go: 1,675 (1,816)
DS Lite: 1,539 (1,904)

(Previous week’s unit sales in brackets for comparison)

Although selling close to 69,000 units, the rise wasn’t enough to rock Sony’s handheld, the PSP. Sales of the portable machine dropped significantly from last week, but still managed to sell a leading 75,000 units. The PS3’s closest rival, Nintendo’s Wii, did not suffer for Sony’s success, thanks in large part to the rise of Wii Party in the software chart and the cunning launch of Mario Sports Mix.

Nintendo’s DSi and DSi LL managed to see similar, smaller sales lifts on the back of Namco Bandai’s latest Super Robot Taisen title. The creaky DS Lite managed to sell fewer units than last week, putting it below the PSP Go. The launch of the 3DS couldn’t come sooner enough to put the poor thing out of its misery.


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