Halo 2 rush fears emerge as game slips out of 2003

Bungie still determined not to be pushed ? key Xbox release slips.

Posted by Staff
Halo 2 rush fears emerge as game slips out of 2003
Microsoft has revealed that Halo 2, it?s key Xbox offering for this year, will now not be released during 2003, with the game now slated for release at some point during Q1, 2004.

This startling news follows developer Bungie insisting time after time that the game ?will be ready when it?s ready? seemingly without regard for the usual, and time-honoured ?keeping to a schedule? approach to videogame creation.

Predictably, this news has triggered fears that Halo 2 might be rushed to meet its deadline, a problem that snatched perfection away from the first outing. Halo, a magnificent game and a genuine case of code-love triumph, was heavily scarred by the fact that the latter stages of the game were rushed, and obviously so, to meet the Xbox launch date.

We?ll bring you more on Halo 2, including a hands-on report, in the not too distant future.


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